FIFA World Cup 2022: Asia wakes up in football World Cup, when will India wake up

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The rest of the Asian continent has woken up. Qatar will play six countries on the continent. India has not yet woken up. But India can be seen?

Many years ago, then-FIFA president Shep Blatter visited the country and said, “India is the sleeping monster of football.” It is difficult to say when that monster will wake up. However, it can be said that the rest of the giants of the Asian continent have literally woken up. Australia qualified for the World Cup by beating Peru on Monday night. As a result, six countries from Asia will be seen for the first time in this World Cup. It was rare to imagine that scene before. Qatar was the first to qualify for the World Cup as the host country. The other four countries that qualify directly are Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Australia won the play-offs and got tickets. All the top countries of the continent will be seen in the World Cup. Needless to say, more Asian countries will play in the World Cup than Latin America or Africa. Just after Europe in terms of numbers.

When will India be seen in this list? And how long do you have to wait to see the country in the World Cup? Prafulla Patel, when he was the AIFF president, said that India will definitely play in the 2026 World Cup. This is not new in his mouth. He had hoped in the past that India would play in the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The authorities do not keep any news of the football team. There is chaos at the headquarters of the football organization. Patel himself resigned. The big question is which direction the newcomer will take football.

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India are now ranked 108th in the FIFA rankings. Despite qualifying for the Asian Cup twice in a row, everyone wants to see India on a bigger stage. India had drawn the World Cup in Qatar against them. Lost for a while at home. But they end up far from qualifying for the World Cup. Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia are far away. After losing to the South Asian countries, India’s position became weak. If you face the Middle East countries a little further, you will lose. In the last Asian Cup, India fought against Bahrain and Amir Shahi.

However, it is better not to expect very good results now in the way India plays defensive football. Many call this power of Asia the new sunrise. This is the first time since 2002 that a football World Cup has been hosted in Asia after Japan-Korea. Asia means the adversary in Aluva, and that can no longer be thought of. South Korea beat Germany 2-0 in the last World Cup. Japan reached the last 16 after playing great football. A few days ago, South Korea lost to Chile in an exhibition match. Japan lost to Brazil for a short time. Many feel that Asia has now reached the next stage. Not to be afraid, this time it is their turn to show fear. It remains to be seen when India will be on the list.

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